Glossy Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Headaches, Eye Strain, Clearer Vision, Better Sleep – Floral

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Glossy Blue Light Blocking Glasses help keep blue light out of your eyes therefore helping you get less eye strain and headaches.


These Anti-blue light glasses are for helping alleviate eye pain, headaches and the absorption of Blue light which can have a negative affect on your sight and health.

These glasses are designed for all day wear and protection from blue light from monitors, screens, TV’s, cell phones, fluorescent bulbs and lights.

These eyeglasses are made from a special blue light blocking polymer that is directly incorporated into the lens itself. They block most blue light and thereby avoiding the blue light being absorbed by your eyes.

This has been known to be a source of headaches, eye soreness, and other health related issues. Though they are not a medical device, they can facilitate improvement of your overall health while using digital devices.

Prolonged exposure to HEV Blue light can lead to eye strain and blurred vision. Studies show that even your retina can be damaged over time. Children are especially vulnerable to all the mentioned vision problems or issues that can come from blue light. Never before have children been so exposed to lights like this from computers, tablets, smart phones, tvs and all current sources of light.

Glossy Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses are made with high quality standards including excellent polymer plastics, anti reflector coating and excellent lenses. They are one size fits all. From children to adults.


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